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In the Classroom, Aug. 3, 2013, “Prayers of the Prophets—Elijah, #6” 15 mins.

226.08-03-13Elijah6 – Click here for mp3 audio

This is an exciting lesson about the prophet Elijah who proposed a contest between Jezebel’s gods and Jehovah, the true God revealed to the Jews. Her husband, King Ahab, had turned his back on Jehovah and between them, they had all the altars dedicated to Jehovah torn down. The Israelites weren’t just passive about their neglect of Jehovah, they were angry and proactive in destroying any reminder of Jehovah. Why? For the same reason people get angry with God today. They were not honoring Jehovah but doing their own thing—that’s sin! Then when they were in trouble, they turned back to God feeling they were doing Him a favor by showing up. As James points out in his New Testament epistle, that’s going to God with wrong motives. We all want a miracle so we can feel better, but down deep we will gloat that we got something out of God unless we come as God tells us to come: first, humbly confessing our sins and then giving Him ALL the glory when answers come. Unfortunately, the Israelites had many gods, and they saw Jehovah as one among the many. No! Our God will not share our worship of many gods. Gods today? How about TV, sports, movies—all good in moderation, and sinful when we allow them to be objects of our worship.
Elijah knew how to approach God and God answered prayer, sending fire on his extraordinary water soaked sacrifice and altar. The altar of the pagan god, Baal, had no activity even though the priests cut their flesh to attract his attention. What a sight that must have been watching frenzied pagan priests on the one side, and fire falling from heaven on the other side! More. Click on the link above.

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In the Classroom, Sat., July 27, 2013 “Prayers of the Prophets: Elijah -5,” 15 mins.

225.07-27-13Elijah5 – Click here for mp3 audio

Some of the Old Testament kings of Israel were good and godly, but some, especially those of the northern kingdom, were very wicked. Ahab was one of them. He married the daughter of the King of Sidon—pagans all—and her name was Jezebel. She was very ungodly and tried to find God’s prophet and kill him because he, the prophet, was responsible for no rain over a period of three years and six months. In addition, Elijah showed Jehovah to be the true God and her gods false. He ordered all of her favorite pagan priests to be  killed.  It was actually God’s word that Elijah passed on to Ahab.

I ask a question in this text and it is this: “If Ahab was more wicked than all the kings before him, why didn’t God removed His shield of protection entirely and allow Ahab to be vulnerable to his enemies as were his predecessors? Was God playing favorites? No, never! There is a divine explanation.” The explanation is the same if you substitute Satan’s name in the sentence in place of Ahab’s.

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In the Classroom, Sat., July 20, 2013 “Prayers of the Prophets: Elijah -4,” 15 mins.

224.07-20-13Elijah4 – click here for mp3 audio

The prophet Elijah was a righteous man, and being on God’s wavelength, God could communicate with him—that’s prayer! God told him what He planned on doing with the wicked king, Ahab, and his equally wicked wife, Jezebel. Elijah had a message for Israel’s king and after he delivered it, he was on the run. First, Elijah went back to the east side of the Jordan River (his homeland) and then when the brook dried up and the soldiers were closing in, God sent him across the border to Sidon, located in  present day Lebanon. Do you say you are not surprised that God would speak to a prophet? But God also told Elijah to go find a Gentile widow living in Zarephath 8 miles from Sidon. This Gentile woman prayed to Israel’s God and God heard her! No doubt  she was disappointed that her Sidonian gods did not answer her in her desperate situation. Her food was just about gone and she was prepared to cook the last of it and lay down and die! Elijah promised her that the remaining oil she had would never fail until the famine was over. And that’s what happened! Later, her son became sick and died. She confessed to Elijah she was a sinner and then Elijah prayed to the Lord for this Gentile boy that his soul would return to his body. God answered that prayer and the boy lived. That was the first time a Gentile was raised by an Israelite!

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YOU MAY NOW KISS THE BRIDE, Prologue, 12 minutes

PrologueKisstheBride – click her for mp3 audio

A brand new publication, published in 2013 and titled, YOU MAY NOW KISS THE BRIDE, is now available at your local bookstore, online at and Barnes and Noble, and from the publisher whose address is (a division of Thomas Nelson). Hard cover, soft cover and online eBooks at $3.99 are all available.  The Prologue is recorded here in mp3 format.

This is a perfect book for those about to be married and for every married couple as well. The author guarantees marital happiness because  the principles he underscores and illustrates are biblical principles and God stands behind His word!

Are you aware that the chicken tends to marry the owl? Did you know that the generous tend to marry the thrifty? Are you aware that when it comes to authority and equality, it is both/and, not either/or? Did you know that emotion/feeling is ‘in’ these days and logic/thinking is on the back burner? It’s all in YOU MAY NOW KISS THE BRIDE. After you listen to the Prologue, order your copy right away!

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IN THE CLASSROOM, Prayers of the Prophets, Elijah -3, Sat., July 13, 2013, 15 mins.

223.07-13-13Elijah3 – Click here for mp3 audio

There is a time when the Holy Spirit directs a Christian to stand and be bold; there is a time when the Holy Spirit directs a Christian to lay low. That all happened to an unknown prophet—unknown until he appeared in the court of King Ahab and Queen Jezebel. He spoke boldly to the King, delivering a message King Ahab did not want to hear. God then directed Elijah whose name means “My-God-Is-Jehovah” to a hiding place near a brook and then had ravens grab food from some unsuspecting people’s plates and bring the food to Elijah, When the brook was drying up and Ahab’s soldiers were closing in to arrest Elijah, God directed him to leave Israel and go to Lebanon. There he was to help a widow—a foreigner, a Gentile—which he did. God hid him in the small town of Zarephath, 8 miles from King Ethbaal’s palace. Ethbaal was Jezebel’s father, Ahab’s father-in-law. Listen to this lesson and hear why Elijah was safe there and why God must have smiled at this arrangement.

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The Prayers of the Prophets, Elijah -2, IN THE CLASSROOM, Saturday, July 6, 2013, 15 mins.

222.07-06-13Elijah2 – Click here for mp3 audio

A new series on prayer begins with this lesson. We learn more about the prophet Elijah whose name means “My-God-Is-Jehovah,” and we learn more about God and His selection of a peasant, a nobody, to confront the sophisticated court of the wicked King Ahab and his equally wicked queen, Jezebel. See how they were confronted by Elijah’s prophecy that there would be no rain in Israel for 3 years and 6 months and how God protected Elijah in two unusual places: first, in a location where the ravens fed him and the Brook Cherith quenched his thirst, and second, in the home of a Gentile widow—in Jezebel’s father’s backyard. He, Ethbaal, was king of Sidon. God hid Elijah right under his nose!

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In the Classroom, Sat., June 8, 2013, “Praying: the Achan Affair,” 15 mins.

218.06-08-13PryrJoshAchan – Click here for mp3 audio

When you pray, there may be  times when the heavens seem like brass. God is silent and your prayers seemingly are unheard. That happened to Joshua and the Elders of Israel. They spent all day sorrowing over  Israel’s  defeat at the small town of Ai. They put dust on their heads—a sign of mourning—and spent all day on their faces praying and asking God, “Why?” God gave them time to think about why He didn’t act on their behalf. At the end of the day, they understood: there was sin in the camp and therefore God couldn’t work on their behalf. God’s message was blunt and to the point: “Get up!” They got off their knees and, following a certain procedure, they narrowed down Israel to one man. They found the culprit who disobeyed the Lord during the recent battle (and victory) at Jericho. His name was Achan. His punishment was terrible, but so is disobedience to God word.

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In the Classroom, Sat., June 1, 2013, “Unanswered Prayer,” 15 mins.

217.06-01-13 Unanswered Prayer – Click here for mp3 audio

Most people pray to God at one time or another. Many experienced answers quickly; others wait a long time for answers. There are reasons for answered prayer, and there are also reasons for unanswered prayer. This lesson explains what that is all about.

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In the Classroom, Sat., May 25, 2013, “David -4,” 15 mins.

216.05-25-13David-4 – click here for mp3 audio

This is the last lesson on David in this series. David heard from the Lord through Samuel the prophet, that he would be crowned king of Israel; he was a teenager at the time. He had to wait t3 years and avoid being killed by jealous King Saul, the first king of Israel. In the process, he learned many lessons that would prepare him to be king; he had to learn to trust God to both fulfill His promise and keep him safe in the process; and he, a poet and harpist, learned how to be commander of the army. He lead a godly life, obeying the Law of Moses, until one day… David sinned grievously and he found out how hard God is on sin. He genuinely repented. Then he found out how gracious God is to forgive and do something we can’t do very well—forget the sin!

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