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Music has always been a part of the church and its worship. Evangelicals love music and it s difficult to imagine a church service without it! However, there is evidence that music is dividing today’s evangelical churches. Why should this be? Division in the past resulted from differences of opinion  over theology. today, churches are breaking up over differences in musical styles. A particular musical style at the center of much of the controversy found in evangelical curches today is “rock and roll: or more simply, rock. Can the church put its stamp of approval on this style? How can the church avoid division over musical styles and worship programming? What biblical standards govern music? Rev. James Riccitelli  examines these questions and encourages Christians to have a biblical and balanced worldview in regards to music.
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Sing a new Song
When Music Divides the Church
Sing A new Song...addresses the issue of conflicting church music styles head-on. Using concepts undergirded by solid biblical principles, Rev. Riccitelli’s insights will help avoid extreme positions that threaten the unity of believers.”
Dr. Harold Berk, Ph.D.
An Excellent manuscript that addresses one of the church’s most vexing and perplexing problems in a sensible and balanced way. The message needs to be heard in the Church. You certainly write with clarity, back your points with scripture, illustrate your points with historical and contemporary examples, and drive your points home with solid applications.”
Robert Webber, Th.D.
Professor of Theology, Wheaton College